Organize better data storage for multi-user computers.
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7tools Partition Manager

Easily deploy a new hard drive and copy your data and partitions;
Install and use multiple operation systems, share files between them.

7tools Partition Manager 2005 - hard disk storage maintenance. All operations you may need at home to perform regular maintenance on your own. Partition new hard disks from scratch or upgrade old ones. Prepare hard disks for any operating system and even install several systems. Reconfigure partitions, repartition hard disks on the fly, and improve storage performance. Use the bootable recovery CD to access all the information unbootable system.

Partition Manager 2005 offers an extended range of functions to make your data management easier. With its help you can: easily deploy a new hard drive and copy your data and partitions; install and use multiple operation systems, share files between them; organize better data storage for multi-user computers; recover your computer after a system crash and secure important data by moving them to a separate partition. and perform all other kinds of partitioning and repartitioning operations on your disk.


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Key Features

  • Partition Manager
  • Bootmanager
  • Recovery CD with DOS and Linux versions of Partition Manager
  • DOS drivers on Recovery CD to access NTFS and Ext2fs Partitions
  • Linux driver on Recovery CD to access NTFS Partitions
  • Built-in ISO-Burner (use it to create your own recovery CD )

More Features

  • Resizing partitions with data (FAT16/32/32x, NTFS, Ext2/3 FS, Reiser FS)
  • Copying and moving partitions (any file system)
  • Converting file system
    FAT16 <-> FAT32
    FAT16/32 <-> NTFS
  • Changing cluster size for FAT16/32 and NTFS
  • Creating, deleting, hiding partitions
  • Supports large hard disks (over 160GB)
  • Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, DOS, Linux
  • Converting NTFS revision (XP <-> 2000 <-> NT)
  • Supports NTFS versions beginning with Windows NT 4.0 up to Windows XP, for all operations
  • Supports USB and FireWire hard drives
  • Built-in simple Disk Editing utility
  • Includes programs for both Windows and DOS
  • Creates more than one primary partition for a disk
  • Supports 64KB FAT cluster (used in Windows NT)
  • Supports long filenames (FAT16/32)
  • DOS program has graphical user interface with mouse support
  • Treating bad sectors - surface test can be optionally used for format, copy, move and resize operations
  • Data-loss protection against power-failure during partition resize and convert
  • Linux executable delivered on recovery CD (...when buying the download version one can burn one's own recovery CD using Paragon ISO Burner utility)
  • Partition Explorer - Windows utility to access hidden or not mounted partitions (NTFS, FAT32, Ext2FS etc)
  • Set Partition ID
  • Change primary partition slot number
  • Virtual pre-execution of operations with Undo function - view the result before changes have been applied
  • Check file system for integrity errors
  • Bootable CD with everything necessary - very useful in the case of unbootable system
  • New improved user graphical interface with drag-n-drop support
  • Automatic updating BootManager boot menu after partitioning operations
  • Sector-by-sector copying. This mode let you to copy all sectors of source partition/hard disk including those which are marked as unused or bad. This mode is useful to copypartitions/hard disks with partition-bounded software
  • While copying, resize function is also available. With partition copy, you can change the size of target partition. For hard disks the appropriate transformation of partition sizes is possible in accordance with target hard disk size
  • Supporting NTFS with compressed files and/or folders
  • Up to 16 operating systems on one PC
  • Operating Windows 9x/Me along with Windows 2000/XP
  • Various installations of the same operating system (in different languages or different versions)
  • Direct booting Linux (skipping LILO)
  • Installing Linux beyond 1024-cylinder boundary
  • Boots even unrecognized OS
  • Password protection against unauthorized booting computer
  • Boots DOS/Windows 9x/ME from the second hard disk
  • Different configurations can be created for the same physical installation of operating system
  • Dynamically adds newly installed operating systems
  • Importing external bootsector
  • Duplicating boot.ini file to create different configurations


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