Creation of custom plugins, for personalized cleaning.
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Complete cleaning of system
Internet Cleaning, window washer
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Shield for preventing Browser Hijack

CleanMantra, with its user-friendly and exhaustive features shall keep your PC free of all the stored information, which pose a threat to your privacy. Mere deletion of files does not help. The data can be recovered through data recovery tools. The answer to these problems is Shredding of files and folders.

CleanMantra provides a great control panel, which helps the software to be personalized according to your preferences. It supports a large number of carefully selected software plugins, which you use. Apart from pre-defined, ever increasing plugin list, you can very easily create your personal plugins.

Within few minutes and fewer mouse clicks, you can easily attain maximum optimization of your resources with CleanMantra. It silently provides you protection against all hijacks and provide you with clean and friendly offline and online working environment.

Extremely effective Windows and Internet Cleaner designed to shred files, clean browser history, cookies, Index.Dat files. Cleans all traces of your Internet Activities. Hijack shield to protect your browser.


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Why do you need a Window and Internet Cleaner?

  • Every webpage, image, multimedia file, movie file you see are being stored in your PC, eating away invaluable hard disk space.
  • Every software you use on your PC saves some information with them. This information pose a great threat to your privacy, as your activities can be tracked very easily.
  • All your online activities can be tracked from browser cache, internet history files and internet cookies.
  • All the unrequired files eat up space, which makes your system perform below its configuration.
  • These changes renders your PC unstable and disgustingly slow.

Key Features

  • Completely shreds all files and folders using DOD, NSA and Guttman recommendations.
  • Complete Internet Cleaner, deleting Index.Dat files, selective cookie cleaning, browser history etc.
  • Supports large number of your favorite software.
  • Active Protection Shield to safeguard you browser against browser Hijack.
  • Shield automated addition to your favorite list.
  • Scheduled cleaning, Safe Shut Down, Safe Start up options.
  • Creation of custom plugins, for personalized cleaning.
  • Life long email support.
  • Life long new plugin definition support.
  • One year product upgrades free of cost.
  • Support Windows 98, 98.SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP.


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