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Paragon Drive Copy Professional

Paragon Drive Copy Professional is a cutting-edge solution to deploy new hard drive, migrate data and applications online, create bootable backup copy of a hard drive or its partitions.

Paragon Drive Copy is based on innovative Hot Copy technology. Due to this technology all your applications remain online during data migration without significant performance delays. Easy to manage and understand interface in Windows XP style, unique One Button Copy Wizard, platform independent Drive Copy CD, automatic transferred partition resizing, wide hardware support (including USB, FireWire hard drives) make Drive Copy an ideal solution for the full spectrum of disk cloning operations.

The success of today's business depends on the availability of your applications, networks, and data. Every minute of downtime can cost you lost revenue, lost opportunity, and even customer loyalty. Paragon's Drive Copy Professional allows online data and applications migration, which is integral part of such IT operations as:
> Server or storage equipment maintenance or upgrade
> Server or storage technology replacement or upgrade
> Server or storage consolidation
> Relocation of the data center

Due to innovative Hot Copy® technology applications remain online during data movement without significant performance delays. Built-in scheduler and wizard-driven interface save your time and reduce efforts while migrating your 24/7 environment. Moreover, along with unique One Button Copy Wizard and external USB, FireWire hard drives support it’s really easy to make a quick backup copy of your hard drive, you can boot from right away.


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Key Features

  • User friendly interface
    Enjoy an easy to manage and understand Windows XP style.
  • Graphic representation of the actual layout of the hard disk system
    Experience all the advantages of instant grasp of the hard disk system configuration (number of partitions/hard disks, file systems they are formatted to, used disks space, etc.).
  • A fully-functional embedded HTML browser with handy navigation and search options
    Visit the company's website to look through important technical notes or download the latest updates without leaving the program.
  • A wizard-driven engine
    Minimize manual labor and time costs. Considerably decrease the level of IT staff training required to carry out operations.
  • Efficient operation
    The used copy algorithm has a minimal effect on production servers.
  • Real-time copy of server disks
    Make your business online 24 hours a day. By applying Paragon developed "Hot Copy" technology, it is now possible to clone data even though it is actively accessible to users and may currently be in a state of being updated.
  • Automate copy operations
    Make a system administrator job more efficient - schedule operations with the help of the built-in Scheduler.
  • Cloning of hard disks/separate partitions (primary, extended, logical)
    Don't waste your time and copy exactly what you need.
  • The only one of its kind One Button Copy Wizard
    Enjoy all the delights of carrying out such a technically complicated operation as cloning of hard disks just by one mouse click.
  • Basic partitioning operations (create, delete, format)
    Optimize the management of your hard disks.
  • Undelete partitions
    Minimize the hazard of accidental partitions deletion.
  • Control the file system integrity
    Make sure your file system is solid and capable to modify.
  • Windows Blue Screen Module support
    Reboot into a special mode to process locked partitions, in case Hot Copy is disabled.
  • Processing all sectors one by one
    Copy corrupted and unknown file systems
  • Skip auxiliary files (pagefile.sys, hyberfil.sys)
    Don't clutter up your disk with useless stuff while speeding up the copy process.
  • SID (Security IDentifier) modification
    Make sure that the user's access privileges in a workgroup are different.
  • System independent Copy Media
    Linux Copy CD provides a unique possibility to enjoy an XP like environment and functionality under Linux in case your system fails to boot.
  • Support of FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, Reiser FS and many other file systems
    Don't bother about the file system you're working with.
  • Support of large IDE, SCSI and SATA hard disks (up to 500 GB tested, 2 TB limit in theory), FireWire (i.e. IEEE1394), USB 1.0, USB 2.0
    Use any hard disk without any limitation.

Systems Requiremnts

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT/2003 Server Editions
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 300 MHz processor clock speed
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • Hard disk drive with 40 MB of available space
  • SVGA video adapter and monitor
  • Mouse


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