Check email when on the move using Pocket PC.
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Pocket Email Checker

Check email when on the move using Pocket Email Checker on your Pocket PC.

Pocket Email Checker gives you full control over POP3 accounts when you are on the move, away from desktop PC's arsenal. It is easy to check accounts, preview messages and delete unwanted ones directly on a server before download.

You have two options to preview a message, quick preview and server preview. Quick preview will immediately show you the beginning of a message retrieved during the account checking process. Server preview is designed to display more information by connecting to the server again and retrieving additional lines for a single message.

You can set number of lines to retrieve for both quick and server preview in the program. Message header is initially hidden in preview but there is also an option to show it if necessary. The number of accounts to check is not limited, plus you can set checking interval for, or temporarily disable, each one of them separately.


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Key Features

  • Unlimited number of POP3 accounts
  • Quick/server message preview
  • You set number of lines to retrieve
  • You set checking interval for each account
  • Preview message header if necessary
  • Delete unwanted messages on a server


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