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Mixcraft Recording Studio

Import compressed WAV, OGG, WMA, and MP3 files!

Mixcraft allows you to record and mix music like the best producers and DJs at just a fraction of the price. It’s designed to be fast and easy. Focus on your creativity and not on technical details! Many users have found that they rarely need to use the help file. Cut, paste, edit and shape your sounds the way you want! Use effects like reverb, flanger or EQ or install a variety of DirectX or VST effects to add tremolo, distortion, chorus or even remove the vocals from a song! This flexible software can be used in many ways, such as recording your first solo album, remixing a song mash up, podcasting, editing commercials or even making a production for your daughter’s dance or gymnastic recital! You can even export your mix to MP3, OGG , WAV, or WMA, or simply burn it on a CD!


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key features

  • Easy to use multitrack audio/music recording software!
  • Unlimited tracks depending on your computer’s processing power!
  • mute on each track. Version 2.50 has updated pan control!
  • Cutting edge 32 bit sound engine for maximum sonic quality!
  • Full support for 24 bit recording and playback!
  • Read and write high quality audio, including broadcast quality 32 & 24 bit WAV files up to 192 kHz.
  • Import compressed WAV, OGG, WMA, and MP3 files!
  • Time stretch any file from 25% to 400% without affecting the pitch! No chipmunks! Pitch shift sounds from -24 to +12 semitones! Version 2.50 has a brand new super high quality time stretching technology!
  • 7 Powerful Built In Effects includin
    Reverb – Simulate environments
    Delay – Create multiple echo effects
    EQ – Boost bass, treble, mid-range, 10 band EQ
    Compression – Boost dynamics to sound louder
    Flanger – Create a whooshing effect
    Chorus – Double up your vocals
    Distortion - Give it some grunge
  • Support for DirectX & VST effects - Download and install 3rd party effects such as Vocal Removers, Vocal Isolaters, De-essers, Delay, Echo, Distortion, Overdrive, Amplifier simulators, Compressors, Limiters, EQ, Exciters, Enhancers, Filters, Gates, Imaging, Panning, Lo Fi effects, Mastering plugins, Modulaters, Flangers, Chorus, Tremelo, Noise Removal, Restoration, Pitch Shifters, Reverb, Ring Modulators, Spectral Processors, Tuners and Vocoders.
  • Shape your sounds with low pass and high pass resonant filter automation. Great for DJs!
    Automatic recording timer to make it easier to record LPs and cassettes.
    Track marker wizard - split your LP and cassette recordings automatically into separate tracks!
  • Automatic drag and drop cross-fading!
  • Easy looping tools – Create loops out of sections of other sounds or songs.
  • Render to Realaudio, MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV, including broadcast WAV files at high sample rates and bit depths. (Includes 24 and 32 bit sounds and sample rates up to 192kHz
  • Create ringtones, assuming your phone supports MP3s.
  • Create and make a podcast.
  • Burn audio CDs!


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