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mp3PRO Converter, MP3 to mp3PRO Encoder

What is mp3PRO?
mp3PRO is a file format developed by Coding Technologies to improve on the MP3 format. The company claims file sizes that have the same quality of MP3 at half the bitrate and file size.

How do i make mp3PRO files?
A demo mp3PRO encoder and mp3PRO player is now available for download. The program does not rip from CD. You need to have WAV files available to convert to mp3PRO for this program. Thomson Demo mp3PRO Player/mp3PRO Encoder download.

How do i convert MP3 to mp3PRO?
It is the easiest way. To convert MP3 to WAV file format with AVS Audio Tools or Xilisoft Audio Converter first, and then use the Thomson Demo mp3PRO Player/mp3PRO Encoder to convert WAV to mp3PRO.

How to convert mp3PRO to MP3?
AEDTools Pro the powerful mp3PRO converter software which enables to convert mp3PRO to MP3 easier, clearer and intuitively. Listening to unknown audio file is as simple as converting it with AEDTools Pro to the format you are used to with a couple clicks and then opening with one of the standard audio players.

Nero mp3PRO plugin, Nero codecs mp3PRO
The Fraunhofer Institute developed the MP3 standard and sparked the trend that made the MP3 the world’s favourite music file format. Then the successor mp3PRO appeared with similar or better sound quality at half the bit rate, i.e. using only half the memory space. Download Here

The mp3PRO Plug-in allows for unlimited: > mp3PRO encoding / decoding. > MP3 encoding / decoding

Want to see for yourself? Just download the free trial version of Nero 6 and make your own mind up. Nero and NeroMIX already contain a test version of our mp3PRO encoder, capable of encoding up to 30 audio tracks.

The mp3PRO Plug-in requires at least Nero, Nero Express or NeroMIX. The product cannot be used by itself. Please note that your purchase cannot be cancelled. Only purchase the mp3PRO Plug-in if you fulfil the stated minimum requirements.

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