Remove spyware, control cookies, chat logs, and histories.
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Internet Cleanup for Mac

Remove Spyware, control cookies, chat logs, and histories, prevent secret communiques, securely erase files, and block annoying pop-up ads.

Protect your privacy, remove surveillance spyware, and speed up your web surfing, Detect surveillance, control cookies and chat logs, and restrict pop-up/pop-under ads.

Surveillance programs can monitor your activities and send the information back to whoever is snooping on you. Sometimes that snoop can receive data about your passwords, account numbers, instant messenger logs, emails, and more! Don’t give these cyber-snoops power over you!


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Key Features

  • Stop Spyware
    Surveillance Spyware only takes moments to install and you might never know it was there. New Internet Cleanup 3.0 can detect and remove even the latest “surveillance and monitoring” products on the market!
    > Discover hidden evidence of Spyware
    > Remove keystroke recorders
    > Kill screen capture programs
  • Monitor Communications
    Internet Cleanup's Network SpyAlert™ monitors IP communications to and from your computer. If a program tries to secretly connect to the Internet, Internet Cleanup will prevent that program from getting through and notify you! You get to decide if they call “home” or not!
  • Protect Your Privacy
    > Websites Watch You! Browsers store the web pages you visit! Anyone can easily examine your web browser’s cache, cookies, and history of sites visited! NEW Internet Cleanup supports more browsers than ever before! Control the cookies and preferences of Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Camino, Opera, and many more!
    > Files Aren’t REALLY Gone! Tossing private or confidential files in the trash doesn’t prevent them from being recovered. Even emptying the trash won’t protect you from prying eyes! SHRED Those Files! Internet Cleanup’s Secure Delete™ ensures your files will be permanently overwritten and completely unrecoverable!
    > Ads Distract and Annoy You! Pop-ups are distracting and annoying. Banner ads can slow down your surfing to a crawl. So make Surfing fun again with Internet Cleanup's NetBlockade™! Netblockade will filter ads selectively or turn them off entirely, block pop-ups and pop-unders, and supports all major browsers, including Safari and IE!

More Features

  • When you're connected to the Internet
    Stops unauthorized transmissions
    Improved browser support
  • When you're surfing the Web
    Blocks ALL pop-ups & ad banners
    Selective pop-up & ad blockers
    Selective cookie blocker
    Removes browser cache and history files
  • After you've used the Internet
    Removes Spyware
    Removes IM chat logs
    Run multiple functions simultaneously
    Move to Trash/Move to Folder
    Take actions on individual files
    Forms Auto-Fill Data Cleaner
    Control over Web file searches
    Full Tiger® compatibility
    Mail Cleaner support for Apple Mail
    Secure Delete shreds files & folders
    Protect cookies you want to keep

Expanded IM Support

  • Apple's iChat
  • AOL's IM
  • MSN Messenger
  • Fire
  • ICQ
  • Adium
  • Proteus
  • Yahoo!

Expanded Browser Support

  • Safari
  • Mozilla
  • Firefox
  • Camino
  • Shiira
  • Sherlock
  • IE
  • Netscape
  • Opera
  • iCab


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