eyeBeam -Video SIP softphone application for Mac and Win PC.
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A Video SIP softphone application for Mac and Win PC. Supporting open standards for VoIP, Video and Instant Messaging.

eyeBeam is CounterPath's Video SIP softphone application for Mac and Win PC. Supporting open standards for VoIP, Video and Instant Messaging. Co-branded and private labeled solutions are available for cable operators, carriers, service providers and original equipment manufacturers.

eyeBeam is a next generation telephony client designed to enhance the user's communications experience in Voice over IP. Whether you are a consumer or Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) user, eyeBeam allows you to stay connected and manage your calls and availability with a comprehensive suite of carrier-grade Voice, Video, IM and Presence features.

The eyeBeam SDK reduces time to market and expense allowing service providers to concentrate on their business of providing service instead of developing software. CounterPath provides on-site and off-site support for quick implementation and integration of the eyeBeam SDK.

The eyeBeam menu uses the "tree" design for easier navigation. The user sees all controls and settings at the same time. At any given moment the user always knows where they are.

Based on open standards, eyeBeam uses a telephone centric interface to allow users to manage their voice, video, IM and presence applications on their desktop solution. With this intuitive & familiar interface, users can seamlessly transition from a traditional hard phone environment into the world of Voice over IP. Also by making the navigation simple and user friendly, eyeBeam provides its growing community of users with easy access to video and contact management. Whether its users are having a simple voice conversation or hosting a conference call with multiple collaborative applications, eyeBeam offers users the ability to personalize their client and manage their availability from their SIP end-point. Open the eyeBeam User Guide here.


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* Free technical supports within 24 hours (Contact us at support@soft29.com)

Key Features

  • Open Standards based next generation telephony client
  • Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based signaling for all interactive media sessions
  • Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) for voice & video calls
  • Security offering signaling & media encryption via TLS and SRTP streams
  • Performance Management of the SIP end-point
  • High Compression codec support
  • Comprehensive Personal Address Book, including detailed calls lists and history
  • Zero-Touch Configuration of your audio or video devices
  • Microsoft Outlook® integration allowing users to import their address book into their eyeBeam contact list and dial directly from the application
  • IM & Presence Management
  • Multi-party and ad hoc Voice and Video Conferencing [IP & PSTN]
  • Voice & Video Call Recording
  • Detachable & Sliding Drawers for quick Video and Contact information
  • Toast pop-ups allowing the management of incoming calls


  • Intuitive user interface makes it easy for both novice and power users to make and receive calls, initiate video conferencing, and communicate using Instant Messaging.
  • Flexible skinning engine designed to give Service Providers and Equipment Manufacturers the ability implement a co-branded or private label solution to market.
  • Rapid Market Deployment is guaranteed with eyeBeam's open standards based architecture that integrates with 3rd party platforms to make customer implementations seamless and smooth.
  • Simplified integration with SIP and other VoIP applications allow for unique and customized deployment of multi-media capabilities or amalgamation with a service providers dynamic solution suite.

Telephony Features:

  • Record Audio Mix
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation [AEC]
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Audio Tuning Wizard
  • Touch-tones [RFC 2833, in-band, out of band & INFO DTMF]
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Audio Concealment
  • Adaptive Jitter Buffer
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • Microphone & Speaker Device Selector
  • Advanced Codec Settings
  • Call Forwarding URI/URL
  • Voicemail URL
  • 10 Party Conferencing [IP & PSTN]
  • Speakerphone [Uses AEC]
  • Auto-conference
  • Dial/Redial/Hang up
  • Flash
  • Auto-answer
  • Caller ID [SIP ID]
  • Call Timer
  • Silence Threshold
  • Backspace/Clear/Delete
  • Mute
  • Microphone & Speakers Levels
  • Microphone & Speakers Meters
  • Sound Device Selection
  • Direct IP to IP Calling
  • Speed Dial
  • Line Hold
  • Line Transfer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Inbound Call 'Ignore'
  • Inbound Call 'Go to Voicemail'
  • Narrowband Codec Selection
  • G.711, iLBC, Speex, GSM, G.723.1, G.726, G.729a & EVRC
  • Wideband Codec Selection
  • Speex, L16, DV14, G.722.2 (AMR-WB)

Video Features:

  • Record Video
  • Detachable Sliding Drawer
  • Point to Point [IP to IP]
  • Via SIP Proxy
  • Transfer
  • Hold
  • Privacy [Start/Stop Sending Video]
  • Video Conferencing [At the endpoint]
  • Camera Settings
  • Codec Selection [Basic H.263,H.263+,H.263++CIF etc.]
  • Image Size Settings
  • Video Quality Settings
  • Key-frame Transmission Rate
  • Video Synchronization Tool
  • Video Tuning Wizard

Presence & Instant Messenging Features:

  • Instant Messenger with Presence Support
  • IM Pager Model (SIP MESSAGE)
  • IM Typing Notification
  • Presence (SIMPLE Presence Event Package)
  • Presence (SIMPLE Event List for Presence Event Package)
  • Presence (SIP PUBLISH of Client Presence State)
  • Presence (WINFO watcher.info)
  • XCAP (Server-side contact list,white list, black list)
  • XCAP (Conditional and Partial Document Update and Retrieval)
  • XCAP (SUBSCRIBE to sip-config for XCAP document change notifications)
  • Local and Remote Buddy List Mgt
  • Contact List Features: Detachable Sliding Drawer
  • Add Received, Dialed or Missed Call as New Contact
  • Add New Group
  • Ban Contact
  • Delete Contact
  • Edit Contact

Network Features:

  • SIP TCP Support
  • SIP UDP Support
  • Multiple SIP Accounts [10+]
  • Multiple 6 Lines
  • NAT Traversal using STUN, ICE & Xtunnels (v1 & 2)
  • Auto-Detect IP Address
  • Manual IP Address
  • Manual DNS Settings
  • License Key Input Mechanism
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Received Calls
  • Dialed Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Last Caller-ID


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