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DVD Frame Capture for Mac

is versatile and convenient software to capture image from DVD-video or DVD folder.

4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac is excellent DVD image capture and DVD image creator software with powerful functions to capture pictures from DVD-Video and DVD folder. With this DVD image creator, you can choose the exact frames, output the images captured and save them as static pictures in JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or animation in GIF and Flash, or in batch as HTML page. The last format makes it easy to upload the pictures to the internet directly.

The DVD Frame Capture for Mac provides two modes as batch capture pictures and single snapshot from DVD. The picture list enables you to preview the captured pictures and helps you extract images by frames more accurately. Free download the DVD Frame Capture for Mac, and enjoy the convenience to capture DVD frames efficiently!


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Key Functions

  • DVD to static pictures
    You can extract single picture or pictures in batch from DVD-Video and DVD folder. Meanwhile, the output format can be JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. It can also capture pictures from MPEG to GIF.
  • DVD to HTML page
    In order to view pictures more conveniently and efficiently, you can also output pictures captured from DVD in HTML page.
  • DVD to GIF and Flash animation
    When pictures captured, outputting and saving them as a single GIF or Flash animation is also supported.

Key Features

  • Picture capture in batch
    You can add multiple DVD files to the DVD Frame Capture for Mac, and capture pictures in batch from them.
    • The "Batch Capture Pictures" button is to capture pictures in batch from selected DVD files to Picture List. And the three buttons at the bottom of Picture List enable you to output all the frames or the selected ones as picture, animation or HTML page and accordingly.
    • The three buttons on the right of the interface is for the Mac DVD Frame Capture to output the selected frames as picture, animation or HTML page automatically and straightly.
  • Three methods for batch capture
    Three methods for batch capture are offered by the DVD Frame Capture Mac: Extracting at fixed interval, Grabbing averagely, Capturing randomly.
  • Support DVD movie preview
    The DVD video player built-in is for previewing the whole DVD movie or the snapshots for DVD image capture.
  • Automatic notification of batch amount
    The software automatically shows up the amount of pictures available.
  • Take snapshot manually
    When playing DVD, you can take single snapshot of your preferable pictures manually, just by locating and adjusting the pointer on the time bar correctly. 4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac offers you three ways to capture image and export pictures: Capture to Picture List, Capture from Frame Window, Direct Export.
  • Capture frames from selected segment
    You can choose the segment of movie by locating the start and end time pointer, or just type the start time and end time into the input field.
  • Drag-and-drop supported
    The DVD Frame Capture for Mac supports drag-and-drop, to add DVD files to the source list, to capture the frame in the built-in player to picture list, to export the picture to target folder, and to output frame as picture to target folder directly.
  • Preview pictures
    The picture list allows you to preview the captured pictures. And the frame list enables you to choose the exact picture to replace the original or add to the picture list.
  • Optional output mode
    The three buttons at the bottom of the picture list is for this DVD image creator to output pictures from different sources respectively in the picture list, or output as an animation file or HTML page.
  • Various custom settings
    • Picture size customization. You can keep the picture with the original size, or input any size you want directly.
    • Zoom mode customization. It offers three zoom modes: Letterbox, Pan and Scan, Full Screen.
    • Fill color at the blank margin. With three color filling modes, you can fill color at the blank margin of the output image to prevent the output image from distortion.
    • DVD Option. You can choose different subtitle, angle, track to preview DVD movies, and the selected subtitle and angle will decide the output picture.
    • Four output formats optional: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.
    • Animation output option. In animation export, you can choose the frame delay, thus to set the tempo of the animation.
    • HTML output option. The DVD Frame Capture for Mac offers two types of web page templates, two types of picture format, three zoom modes (Letter Box, Pan and Scan, Full Screen).
  • Excellent picture quality
    With the DVD Frame Capture for Mac, you can capture pictures from DVD movies efficiently, and obtain pictures with high image quality.

System Requirement

  • PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel Processor
  • 512 MB RAM or higher
  • 30 MB free hard disk space (more space needed when installing)
  • Super VGA supporting 1024 x 768 or higher-resolution monitor recommended


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