Data Migration(hard drive clone, upgrading and backup) for Mac
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CompuApps DriveWizard For Mac OS X

Powerful solution for Data Migration (hard drive clone, upgrading and backup ).

CompuApps DriveWizard For Mac OS X makes upgrading to a new hard disk faster and easier than ever. With DriveWizard you don't have to be a professional computer technician just to replace your old hard disk with a new high-capacity hard disk or save your data safely. There was a time when backup and upgrading to a new hard drive meant hours of downloading your data, applications, and operating systems to disk; then hours more of reinstalling everything to your new hard drive. Now it is just few minutes no need to do it for days.

Connect both hard drives to your computer, and with a few simple steps, everything from your old hard drive is automatically copied to your new one without losing a single preference, setting, or byte of data. No re-installing, no data loss, no headaches. And unlike other hard drive upgrade solutions no additional cables are necessary!


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Key Features

  • Universal Binary.
  • Clones one hard drive to an another hard drive.
  • Resizes your hard drive during upgrade.
  • Automatic backup of files and folders.
  • Restores your files and operating system.
  • Supports HFS, HFS+, HFS+ Journaled, HFS+ Case-sensitive & UFS.
  • Supports IDE, USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire), PCMCIA, Parallel, SCSI.

More Features

  • No Disks to Scramble
    There is no need to create a special startup disk or waste time learning archaic commands or computer jargon to use DriveWizard. With its simple design you will be copying everything from your old hard disk to your new one in a matter of minutes -- all without losing a single user preference or byte of data.
  • ReSize hard drives
    DriveWizard can be used to copy an entire hard disk or copy an individual/selected partition(s) to another hard disk. If you are copying a smaller disk to a larger disk, DriveWizard lets you resize the drive(s) being copied to take advantage of the additional space provided by the larger disk.
  • Interfaces
    Do you have your devices connected to your internal, PCMCIA,USB, FireWire (1394), parallel, SCSI or any interface which MAC OS X can support DriveWizard will copy all the data.
  • FileSystems
    Supports file systems like HFS, HFS+, HFS+ Journaled, HFS+ Journaled Case-sensitive, HFS+ Case-sensitive & UFS.
  • Partition Scheme
    Supports Apple Partition schemes for DriveMirror (disk clone) & Drive Upgrade. VolumeCopy, Restore supports all types of partition schemes.

System Requirements

  • MAC OS X and above (PPC)
  • MAC OS X 10.4 and above (Intel)
  • Works with all systems supporting MAC OS X both desktop and server versions


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