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DVD Backup Burner Copy for Linux

Linux DVD Burner, Linux DVD Copy, Linux DVD Backup software category lists several perfect and cool programs to burning DVD for Linux, copy DVD movies for Linux, backup DVD for Linux. All software below is picked through a series of testing by our editors. They not only are DVD movie copy software but also burning video files to DVD on Linux. The converting process is easy and fast, and created video quality is beyond your imagination.


Linux DVD Copy softwareK9Copy is a small utility which allows the copy of DVD on Linux. The DVD video stream is compressed by the program Vamps. Free Download

Copy without menus :
In this case, dvdauthor is used to create a new DVD structure. It is possible to choose the order in which the video sequences are played.
Copy with menus :
As dvdauthor does not make it possible to integrate the original menus, K9Copy reproduces the original structure of the DVD. The navigation packs as well as IFO files are modified to point on the compressed MPEG stream.

Key Features

  • The video stream is compressed to make the DVD fit on 4.7 Gb recordable DVD
  • DVD Burning for Linux
  • Creation of ISO images
  • Possibility of selecting the audio tracks and subtitles to be copied
  • Title preview (video only)
  • Possibility of preserving the original menus

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GEAR PRO for Linux

linux dvd burner, linux dvd backupGEAR PRO for Linux is the leading professional CD-Recordable software for Linux platforms. GEAR incorporates the latest advances in optical storage technology including rewritable support, with the uncompromising quality and reliability users have come to expect from GEAR Software. This version supports both a GUI and CLI interface. GEAR PRO for Linux offers full CD-R, CD-RW ,DVD-R and DVD-RAM recording and pre-mastering. GEAR supports most drives on the market. GEAR PRO for Linux is the ideal application for Imaging, Mission Critical Archiving, CAD/CAM, Graphic Storage, Title Development and Pre-Master testing. With GEARTM PRO for Linux, users can easily and economically store software, large data sets, databases, audio, video and other assorted information to compact disk while maintaining total control over the formatting and mastering process. Power and Cross Platform Flexibility... GEARTM PRO for Linux supports the widest spectrum of file formats in the industry including ISO 9660, Digital Audio, Orange Book mastering modes and RockRidge which enables users to create true cross-platform media for readability between Windows and Linux platforms.

Free Download

DVD Burner for Linux Functionality:

  • back up mission-critical data to CD and DVD media
  • pre-master audio, video, software and game titles
  • archive graphics, databases, email, third-party generated data files, music, digital photos and video
  • Create cross-platform discs compatible with Windows, UNIX and Mac platforms
  • replicate DVD and CD discs using a jukebox
  • distribute documents, marketing materials, and other data on a CD or DVD
  • copy non-protected DVDs and CDs
  • extract content from CD and DVD
  • use the media in your CD or DVD recorder for near-line incremental storage

DVD Burner for Linux Key Features:

  • Supports all current Linux kernel releases
  • Creation of CD and DVD images for all industry standard disc types including CD-Audio, CD-ROM, CD-XA, Enhanced CD, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio
  • DVD mastering capabilities for both single and dual sided discs
  • Physical format support for mastering DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 and DVD-18
  • Able to format discs using ISO9660, UDF (Universal Disc Format), Rockridge and Joliet file extensions
  • Comprehensive CD and DVD recorder support for all industry standard media types including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R dual-layer, DVD-RAM, CD-R and CD-RW
  • Support for DLT, Exabyte, and DDS/DAT recording devices for creating DDP (Dis Description Protocol) master tapes
  • Conversion of CD and DVD discs or projects to industry standard DDP 1.0 or 2.1 images for professional disc mastering
  • Jukebox and autoloader management for in-house mastering, unattended disc replication and multi-disc recording of large data sets for disc duplication
  • Batch file scripting capability allows for unattended recording or backup operations to CD and DVD
  • Support for links, pipes, device special files, etc with permission and group handling
  • Complete command and message-logging capability provides for documentation, post process diagnostics and improved error resolution
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface

DVD Burner for Linux Formatting:

  • Supports all CD and DVD formats including CD-Audio, DDP, CD-ROM, CD-XA, Enhanced CD, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio
  • Provides DVD mastering for single or dual layer discs
  • Allows the import of DVD-Video disc images (VIDEO_TS folders) for the creation of DVD-Video titles
  • Enables the creation and manipulation of all industry standard file systems and file extensions including ISO9660, UDF 1.02 to UDF 2.5, Rock Ridge and Joliet
  • Fast virtual image building requiring less than 5% of the total image size to record
  • Direct-to-disc recording of files to UDF volumes

DVD Burner for Linux Recorder Support:

  • Supports all of the latest CD and DVD recordable drives as well as most legacy devices
  • Supports jukeboxes and media changers
  • Automatically initiates support for new recorders (automatic drive recognition) without requiring driver or configuration file updates
  • Supports test writing, CD and DVD recording speed setting, C2 error checking, multi-session disc creation, disc formatting and other advanced recorder features
  • Enables all recording methods including track-at-once, disc-at-once, session-at-once, raw recording and fixed and variable packet writing
  • Provides the capability to extract data and audio tracks (ripping)
  • Allows direct disc-to-disc CD and DVD copying

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