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How to get Video to PSP, get Movies on PSP

Your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) lets you do lots more than play games. Your PSP plays movies and other digital video files using the UMD (prerecorded video cartridge) and MP4 (digital video files you download) formats. Follow these steps to get each kind of videos for your PSP.

How to get Video to PSP, get Movies on PSP from UMD Video

Step1. Rent or purchase a UMD through your local game store or an online retailer.

Step2. Open the UMD door on your PSP by sliding your finger over the "Open" button located on the top right side of the PSP.

Step3. Insert the UMD into your PSP with the label facing out, and the arrow on the UMD pointing down.

Step4. Close the UMD door on your PSP, and turn the power on by locating the power button on the right side of your PSP, and sliding it upwards.

Step5. Navigate the PSP menu with the directional pad on the left side. Go to the "Video" section and highlight "UMD." Then press "X."Your UMD will open.

Step6. Highlight “Play” on the UMD main menu, and press "X." Now you can enjoy your UMD movie.

How to get Video to PSP, get Movies on PSP from downloaded MP4 files

Step1. Find an MP4 file to download and transfer, either from the Internet or another personal recording device (such as a video or digital camera) that also uses the MemoryStickDuo card.

Step2. Connect your PSP to your computer with the USB cable that came with the PSP, and slide the switch on the left side of your psp upwards towards the MemoryStickDuo icon. Turn on your PSP and navigate to the "Settings" tab. Scroll down until you are highlighting "USB connection" and press "X." This allows your PSP to connect to your PC.

Step3. Click on the "Start" icon on your desktop. Then click on "My Computer" and open the MemoryStickDuo drive.

Step4. Click on and open the folder titled "PSP."

Step5. Drag the MP4 file and drop it into the sub-folder titled "Video." This will transfer the file to your PSP.

Step6. Disconnect your PSP from the USB cable. Then navigate to the "Video" tab on your PSP screen. Highlight "MemoryStickDuo" and press "X." You will see your video file here, and you can press "X" to play it.

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Tips & Warnings

Using your PSP with an optional docking station with speakers will enhance sound quality and keep you from having to hold the PSP while you watch a video.
You can find free MP4 videos on Sony's PlayStation Web site.
MP4 files can also be downloaded directly to your PSP by using a wireless Internet connection and the "Web Browser" feature that comes with the PSP. Using this feature you can find MP4 files online and download them directly to your PSP.
The PSP supports Windows operating systems exclusively. Users of Mac OS and other operating systems cannot use these steps.

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