Convert YouTube to Zune, put YouTube Videos on Zune guide.
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Put YouTube Videos on your Zune

Everyday, plentiful video clips are uploaded to Somebody say that these sites will disappear soonest, due to obvious copyright infringement issues, and then, why not to download those good video clips and save to our computer/iPod/PSP before they're gone forever? Here I will show you to get around this possibility and copy videos from

How to put YouTube videos on your Zune? First, you will need a couple of utilities to accomplish this. You will need one utility to download the video off of YouTube (the FLV file) and another to convert the file to a Zune player compatible video.

You can used to download the YouTube video and FLV Converter to convert the file. After installing the two applications, go to YouTube and find the YouTube video(s) you want on your Zune.

Download YouTube video files and save as the FLV file

For Internet Explorer (PC) users

Find a favourite video clip, copy the url link which is located right below the video you've chosen and paste it to the “URL:” box from the site . After clicking on the “search” button, [Download Link] would be showed. You only need to right-click the [Download Link] and save the file.

Convert YouTube to Zune, put YouTube Videos on Zune guide

Note: rename the file extension from *.php to *.flv when saving it. So, the FLV video file was saved to your computer.The FLV file isn’t widely used, so you need to download a special player to play the file. Freeware FLV Player is highly recommended. Download FLY Player .

For Internet Explorer (Mac) users

Search your hard drive for a file called "get_video". You can use Spotlight to find the file.
Convert YouTube to Zune, put YouTube Videos on Zune guide

Copy it to your Desktop

Convert YouTube to Zune, put YouTube Videos on Zune guide

Rename the file extension from *.php to *.flv.

Convert the FLV file

There are many programs to convert the FLV file.
Mac users may look at iSquint. It's a free application. It can be downloaded at
PC users has the powerful FLV Converter (recommend). It can convert FLV to WMV, FLV to MPEG, FLV to MP4 for Zune, iPod, PSP etc MP4 Player.


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