How to Put DVD onto PSP, put video onto Sony PSP.
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How to put DVD onto PSP, put video onto Sony PSP

PSP Movie Creator can convert DVD, DivX/XviD video, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, DAT(VCD), RM, RMVB, Tivo2Go, Dvr-ms, QT, MOV and more to PSP video. With the article of how to put video onto the Sony PSP, you will easily put your favourite videos onto the Sony PSP and enjoy movie on the going.

Free download the latest PSP Movie Creator, and install to your computer.

1. Click "Open ..." button and choose a video file or DVD disc to open.

2. Based on the aspect ration of the video source and DVD movie, PSP Movie Creator will automatically choose the most proper resolution for optimum video playback on PSP display.

Tip: You may manually select which resolution you want: 320x240, 368x208, 400x192. Both 368x208 and 400x192 will be full screen on PSP.
Tip: You can adjust output video quality and Estimated file size would be showed. In the preview window, you will see what the resulting movie will look like.

Tip: Click the Thumbnail button (on the right of the "Record it " button) to save the current video frame as a thumbnail shown on PSP(*.THM file) .

This photo helps identify the video content easily in PSP. The THM file is actually in JPG format. You can associate THM files with any image viewer on your PC so that you can double click and view it easily on your computer. THM file is coupled with MP4 (video) file providing video thumbnail feature on your Sony PSP.

3. After seting the desired settings, simple click on the "Record it" button to convert the video/DVD movie.

4. Connect PSP with a USB cable to your computer.

In your PSP, Create a folder called "MP_ROOT" and inside that folder create another folder named "100MNV01".
In PSP Movie Creator, click "PSP Video Transfer" menu or "Transfer to PSP" button. You will see an explorer window that lists MP4 (video) files and THM (video thumbnail) files on both your PC and PSP. You can transfer files by drag & drop them to "\MP_ROOT\100MNV01".

Note: The PSP video files' name must be "M4Vxxxxx.MP4". "M" and "V" should be capital. There would be five random numbers followed "M4V". The numbers must be same for .MP4 file and the corresponding .THM file. This is quite important, or your file can not be played on your PSP.

5. Choose a location on your PSP where you wish the movie(s) to be placed. You can change a video's title and also see how much free space is available on the PSP. When clicking on "Transfer Selected Files" and you're done.


  • DVD subtitle(subpicture), language:
    It is recommended to use the native DVD menu in the preview panel to set subtitle(subpicture) and language. (Click "DVD menu" button on the right to show native DVD menu in the preview panel) You may also change the subtitle(subpicture), language in the program's Options menu, but there are some DVDs that require the change must be made in the native DVD menu instead of the program's menu.
  • Video file does not show on PSP:
    Make sure your video file name follows PSP's special convention. e.g. M4V12345.MP4. (You can change the "file number" in Output Settings dialog). Other file names are not recognized by PSP.
  • Ghosting Effect on PSP screen:
    Ghosting visual effect is subjective. Some people are more sensitive to this visual effect, especially when the picture displayed is in dark scenes. This is because the refresh rate of a PSP LCD screen is lower than the rate of a normal PC monitor. When the PSP video is also in the low fps (15 frames per second), some people may see ghosting effect. In this case, try to convert PSP video using 29.97 fps settings (in the Option menu -> Output Settings) to reduce this effect.

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