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How to copy burn DVD-9 to DVD-5 With DVD Clone Studio

Copy DVD-9 to DVD-5, With DVD Clone Studio, you can back up an entire movie - including menus, trailers and special features. Some of our customers have complained about the difficulty they had copying DVDs, and this urged us to develop this software DVD Clone Studio. It is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to configure. With DVD Clone Studio, you can make quick and easy DVD copies with excellent quality.

DVD Clone Studio Key Features: Perfect 1:1 DVD to DVD clone; Support copy burn DVD-9 to DVD-5, DVD-5 to DVD-9, also allowing you to split DVD-9 on to two disks; Sound and video never lose in quality; Support both NTSC and PAL DVD movies; Clone all the Special Features, Menus, Subtitles & Languages; High speed and easy to use - Just a few clicks; Almost all DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW burners supported.

How to copy burn DVD-9 to DVD-5?

Step 1. Insert the DVD movie disc (DVD9 or DVD5) you want to copy to your drive, run DVD Clone Studio. The software will automatically detect the DVD movie location.

copy DVD-9 on to DVD-5, burn DVD-9 to DVD-5, copy DVD-5 to DVD-9

Step 2. Click on the Next button to enter the next window. The IFO file has been detected correctly.

Tips: the IFO file provides information for DVD player where DVD-Video disc's chapters’ start, where certain audio tracks are located, etc. Then select a temp drive in “Temp Drive” list. DVD Clone Studio can recognize free spaces of all drives on your computer. In general, we select a drive of large free space, so I check out the latest option.

copy DVD-9 to DVD-5, burn DVD-9 to DVD-5, copy DVD-5 to DVD-9

Step 3. Click the Next button to go on. In the window, you can select all .vob files to backup or only select one to copy. As an example, I select the first file to copy.

copy DVD-9 to DVD-5, burn DVD-9 to DVD-5, copy DVD-5 to DVD-9

Tips: All DVD movies are stored in on a DVD video disc in so-called VOB files. VOB files usually contain multiplexed Dolby Digital audio and MPEG-2 video. VOB files on a DVD are numbered as follows: vts_XX_y.vob where XX represents the title and Y the part of the title. There can be 99 titles and 10 parts, although vts_XX_0.vob does not contain any video, usually just menu or navigational information.

Step 4. If you are satisfied with the settings above, just click on the Start button to start encoding.

Step 5. Now encoding work has been completed, click on the “OK” button, insert a blank DVD disc (DVD9 or DVD5), and start burning. The burning speed mainly depends on your DVD Burner.

copy DVD-9 to DVD-5, burn DVD-9 to DVD-5, copy DVD-5 to DVD-9


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