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How to rip DVD audio and burn to audio CD?

This guide covers how to simply copy a extract the audio from a video DVD to a audio CD. The resulting quality should be excellent, almost as good as the original DVD sound quality. Convert DVD to CD now!

The tools you will need installed are:
iSofter DVD Audio Ripper deluxe
Nero 6 Burning ROM
Nero 2-Channel AC3 Input Plug-In (install after you have installed Nero 6)

Part 1: Ripping the DVD with DVD Audio Ripper deluxe

1. Download DVD Audio Ripper deluxe, launch it and select "DVD/IFO".

2. Once in DVD/IFO mode it will automatically select to copy the longest part of the DVD. You should not need to change this from the default.

3. Once done, uncheck all boxes except one audio track, normally it will be a MP3, but it could also be a WAV or AC3 file, it must be 2 channel only, surround is not supported. If there is more than one 2 channel audio file, go for the first one on the list, the others may be directors commentaries etc.

4. Go to the menu and choose "Settings".

5. Click the "DVD/IFO" tab, leave all the options on the "Name" list unchecked, and select File Splitting to "Chapter" (this will make each chapter a new track on the CD).

6. You are now ready to copy the DVD audio file to the hard drive, make a note of where it is going to be copies to (destination) and then click the "Encode " menu in the "START" button.

7. It will then start reading the audio file, it may start off slow, but then get faster as it goes on.

8. You can click "Folder" in "OUTPUT" menu to find your encoded files.

9. Close iSofer DVD Audio Ripper deluxe.

Part 2: Burning to CD with Nero Burning ROM

1. Start Nero Burning ROM, it will say "New Compilation", select "Audio CD". Then under the tab "Audio CD" uncheck "Write CD TEXT on CD". then click "New".

2. Go to "Edit" then select "Add files".

3.a). Browse to where you selected the output files to go in iSofer DVD Audio Ripper deluxe, and then select all the AC3 files in there by pressing CTRL+A. Then press "Add". Once it has added them press "Finished".

3. b). If you add the files and they are over 80 minutes in total (many live concert DVDs etc are) then you will have to split it across 2 CDs, simply hold CTRL and select half the tracks, and add those. Then continue, once you have made the first disk (as done below) do the same again for the other half of the tracks.

and after the first half has been completed and burnt...

4. Go to "Edit" then select "Select All" (or just press CTRL+A again).

5. Then go to "Edit" and click "Properties".

6. Click on the "Track Properties" tab. Unless you wish for 2 second silence gaps between each track, set the "Pause" to 0 seconds.

7. Now click on the "Filters" tab. Check the "Normalise" box, then and take it from RMS, to "Maximum", then set the Maximum percent to 98%. This is done as many DVDs have very quiet audio compared to audio CDs, and maximisation will bring it up to a good volume. Once done, press "OK".

8. Once done select the burner you wish to burn with.

9. Then go to "Recorder" and click "Burn Compilation".

10. a).Set the write speed you want, lower will produce a better result. Make sure it is burning on "Disc-at-Once" mode. Then click "Burn".

10. b). You MAY get this message when you start to burn, especially if you are burning with a DVD or older CD burner. if you do just click ok. All it will mean that the 2 second silence gaps will have to be inserted between tracks. If you really don't want this your only option is to try using another burner until you get one that doesn't give this message.

11. It will then start burning, it will start by saying "Calculating [file name]" this is just it working out the volume to set each track to. It will then burn the CD to the blank disk.

12. One it has complete the burn click "OK" it should then have automaticly ejected your CD.

13. Then click "Done" and exit Nero.

14. Enjoy your CD!


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