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Hi8 to DVD

How to convert Hi8 to DVD? The programs listed below are the easy-to-use and top-user-rating transfer Hi8 DVD tools that help you transfer Hi8 camcorder tapes to a DVD, fast and easy. It is safe to install and there are no spyware or adware in all listed software. Best of all, the software is picked through testing by our professional digital video/audio editors. Free download the Hi8 to DVD Transfer to enjoy your favorite video on home DVD player now!

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Hi8 to DVD Featured Software

AVS Video Editor
Perfect for home video editing. Capture video from camcorders(VHS, TV, Hi8, 8mm), photo cameras, TV tuners, adjust output settings. Fast and easy! Master videos and slideshows with effects and transitions and upload to your handheld. Very handy! Author and burn DVDs, export movies to almost any video format. A video studio on your PC! Direct transfer to iPod, PSP, mobiles and other portable players Supports virtually ALL video formats Burn Movie DVDs Capture Video from External Devices Enhance Your Videos Create Slide Shows Edit Audio Tracks Scene Detection Convenient Tools and Interface.

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How to convert Hi8 to DVD using AVS Video Editor

Step 1: Creating a DVD Project

Run AVS Video Editor clicking the AVS Video Editor icon at your desktop or go to the Start menu -> Programs -> AVS Media -> AVS Video Editor -> AVS Video Editor. At the Start Page click the New Project button.

The Project Parameters wizard will start. It will suggest that you set the parameters for your project at the very beginning of your work. It is strongly recommended to set project parameters according to the source file parameters or according to your output movie to avoid quality losses.

At the first step of the Project Parameters wizard you should enter the file name for your project and set it's location. Click the Browse... button to open the standard windows explorer menu and select the project location. Please take into account that you will get an info message in case a project with the name you typed already exists. After you finished, please click the Next>> button.

For DVD creation it'll be the best to select DVD NTSC (720x480; 29.97 fps. 48000 Hz Stereo) or DVD PAL (720x576; 25 fps. 48000 Hz Stereo) preset from the Presets drop-down combo box. If you are new to video editing we'd like you not to change any of the default settings represented in existing presets.

Click the Finish button. Now you have created a project and are ready to start Capturing source video from the Hi8 camcorder tapes.

Step 2: Capturing from Hi8 camcorder tapes

To capture video please make sure that your camera is connected to your computer and all of the necessary drivers are installed. In AVS Video Editor click the Capture button in the Start menu pane. After that AVS Capture Wizard wizard will start.

Step 3: Placing the Imported Videos to the Storyboard

1>. To start placing the captured videos to the storyboard please click the Make Video icon in Create Movie menu pane.

After that you will find the Media Library items and the clips present in the highlighted item in the Media Library and the Workspace displayed in the Storyboard mode. Working in this mode you can add or remove video or image clips from your project, change the sequence of clips at storyboard, trim video clips or set the duration of image clips added to your project.

2>. To add video clips to the storyboard please use the drag-and-drop method: drag the desired video icon from the Media Library to the Storyboard.

3>. To change the sequence of your clips it's convenient to use the Move Left and Move Right buttons. Note that there is an opportunity to use multiselection feature: all of the video clips selected in the Media Library will be added to the Storyboard.

Step 4: Creating DVD Menu

For DVD creation AVS Video Editor will suggest you to create a DVD disc menu. In this relation we'd like to draw your attention to the DVD Menu button in Burn Disc menu pane. There is a number of styles you can select to use for a DVD menu. To select the style you like best please follow the steps below:

1>. Select the DVD Menu button in the Burn Disc menu pane.
2>. Navigating among styles reflected in the Media Library select the desired style icon.
3>. Drag and drop it to the workspace or click the Apply Style button.
4>. To preview the DVD menu please use Remote Control Emulator, which is located in the left part of the workspace.

Step 5: Burning DVD

To start burning DVD please click the Burn Disc button in Burn Movie menu pane. Right after that the Save Movie To VCD/SVCD/DVD wizard will start. Your movie will be converted to the DVD format and saved to your hard drive. After that the burning process will start.

Here you should select a Profile from the list of the available DVD Profiles depending on the output quality. Do not forget to select the appropriate DVD Profile (PAL or NTSC) depending on the country you live in. In case you want to include a DVD menu please make sure that the Create DVD Menu check-box is checked. After you finish, please click the Next>> button.

At the next step of the Save Movie To VCD/SVCD/DVD wizard you should enter the file name for your saved movie and set the location. Click the Browse... button to open the standard windows explorer menu and select the movie location. After you are done, click the Start button to start converting your movie into the selected format and burn it to CD. You can visually judge the conversion process with the help of Conversion Preview.

After the file structure for your movie is created, the disc will be recorded using the internal AVS Video Editor burn engine. You do not need any other additional programs to burn your created discs.

Please make sure that you inserted a DVDR/RW disc in the drive and select the necessary DVD-drive from the list, in case you have several drives in your system.

After the burning process is over, the DVD will be ejected automatically. Now, you can watch the created movie on a home DVD-player!

Transfer Hi8 to DVD Related Software

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    is the expanded realization of a video converter tool which can convert, split, join, remove commercials, edit, rotate, apply effects, capture, transfer and burn DVD and video files! With super video tools as FLV splitter, you can convert and split FLV files fast and easy.
  • VHS to DVD
    With just a few clicks, you can archive your videotape collection onto DVD/CD. Or create your own DVD/CD movies from your Camcorder, VCR, TV, DVD player, and more!

What's Hi8?
Analog camcorder format which allows you to record video with 400 lines of resolution onto Hi8 tape, or 240 lines of resolution onto standard 8mm tape. Hi8 tapes can get up to 2hours in SP and 4hours in LP modes. Most Hi8 tapes will work in Digital8 camcorders but typically only can record 1 hour of Digital video.

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