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DVR DVD Recorder

DVR DVD recorders category lists the excellent and simple-to-use copy DVR to DVD, burn DVD from DVR tools picked by our editors that let you easily record from DVR to DVD with good images and sound quality. Our editors tested various software including freeware and finally featured the several software below. The following DVR DVD recorder software allows you to convert, split, join, remove commercials, edit, rotate, apply effects, capture, transfer, copy, rip and burn DVD and video files! The recording DVD from DVR process is easy and fast. Come on. Free download the DVR DVD recorder right now!

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DVR to DVD Featured Software

AVS Video Converter
is the expanded realization of a video converter tool which can convert, split, join, remove commercials, edit, rotate, apply effects, capture, transfer, copy, rip and burn DVD and video files! Easy to use and understandable interface allows you to enjoy working with video files without frequent consulting with reference materials. You do not need to be a professional to use this tool. It includes:

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Video Converter - Copy, rip and burn DVD, Convert, split, join, edit, capture, transfer among various video files formats.
DVDtoGO - Copy DVD or convert video files for your PSP, iPod, Archos, Zen Creative, PDAs, GSM/CDMA mobiles phones or any other portable media player.
Video ReMaker - Cut unwanted parts and remove TV advertisings from DVDs or video files recorded with various PVR, DVR & DVD camcorders.
Capture Wizard
- Transfer video from DV, DVR, VHS cams to hard drive and create movie DVDs. Capture video from TV tuners and WEB cameras.

DVR DVD Recorder Related Software

AVS Video Editor
Perfect for home video editing. Capture video from camcorders, photo cameras, TV tuners, adjust output settings. Fast and easy! Master videos and slideshows with effects and transitions and upload to your handheld. Very handy! Author and burn DVDs, export movies to almost any video format. A video studio on your PC! Direct transfer to iPod, PSP, mobiles and other portable players Supports virtually ALL video formats Burn Movie DVDs Capture Video from External Devices Enhance Your Videos Create Slide Shows Edit Audio Tracks Scene Detection Convenient Tools and Interface.

Capture and Edit Video from External Devices
Capture from HDV/DV, micro DV and analog camcorders (VHS, TV, Hi8, 8mm), DVRs, VCRs, TV tuners and WEB cams and edit video using AVS Video Editor. Start making your movies from the first run. Video editing is easy!

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What is DVR?
Stands for "Digital Video Recorder." A DVR is basically a VCR that uses a hard drive instead of video tapes. It can be used to record, save, and play back television programs. Unlike a VCR, however, a DVR can also pause live TV by recording the current show in real time. The user can choose to fast forward (often during commercials) to return to live television.

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