River Past Video Cleaner is super video converter software.
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River Past Video Cleaner

GIF, 3GP/3G2, ASF, AVI, DivX, DV, DVD (VOB), Flash Video, MKV, QuickTime MOV, MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, OGM, RealMedia, VCD/SVCD, WMV, XVID.

River Past Video Cleaner is super video converter software. With years of experience in video editing, we understand some of the common issues when people try to move their loved home video to a modern media like DVD or VCD. There are many different video formats. Different video software may handle them differently, and often, a video clip plays fine in one application but won't play or play out of sync in another.

The video conversion software uses standard Microsoft DirectShow components as its foundation, with our own Pulse Regulator technology to streamline the timecode. We guarantee the compatibility of the encoded video, and often it is the only way to fix out-of-sync problems in some videos.

We understand that there are a lot of Mac users in the video editing field, with a collection of QuickTime MOV videos. You want to transfer them to a DVD-Video, but no DVD authoring software on Windows would accept MOV files. We have a solid QuickTime component and the Video Cleaner is the best solution to convert MOV to AVI, or convert MOV to WMV.

River Past Video Cleaner is a batch converter. You can add a list of files, set the output format, and let it run. A well organized progress dialog will predict how long it takes to convert all the files, so you can do something else and come back when it finishes.

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Key Functions

  • Convert from most video formats, including animated GIF, 3GP/3G2, ASF, AVI, DivX, DV, DVD (VOB), Flash Video, MKV, EVOB, QuickTime MOV, MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, OGM, RealMedia, VCD/SVCD, WMV and XVID.
  • Convert to AVI, DivX, DV, MKV, OGM, WMV and XVID.
  • Convert to QuickTime MOV with MOV Booster Pack.
  • Convert to 3GP/3G2 with 3GP Booster Pack.
  • Convert to MPEG-4 with MPEG-4 Booster Pack.
  • Convert to animated GIF with Animated GIF Booster Pack.
  • Convert to RM to RealMedia Booster Pack.
  • Convert to a sequence of image files (BMP or JPEG) with Image Sequence Booster Pack.

Key Features

  • Native codecs
    It uses the native codecs from the original vendors for the encoding for the best compartibility. For example, it uses Apple's QuickTime codecs to encode MOV, and Microsoft's codecs to encode WMV, instead of third party codecs.
  • Pulse Regulation
    This is our timecode correction techology to fix timecode problems in the original video file. It removes duplicated video frames, and insert frames if it sees gaps in the stream.
  • Multi-core support
    For most file formats, it uses multiple thread for encoding and decoding, utilizing multi-core processors.
  • Automation
    Not technical savvy? Most settings can be selected for you so you don't need to worry about what resolution or frame rate to select.
  • You can select video size, bit rate, NTSC/PAL, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate etc.

Key Usages

  • Move video between platforms
    If you use a Mac, you are mostly using QuickTime MOV and DV videos. If you have a Windows PC, you are mostly using AVI and WMV. What if you need to move a video from Mac to Windows and your Windows software doesn't support MOV or DV? Video Cleaner is the most reliable way to convert video for multiple platform compatibility.
  • Encode video for web streaming
    No matter which streaming format you desire, we support it, including QuickTime MOV, WMV and RealMedia (booster pack required).
  • Building your video library
    You may have downloaded many videos in different formats but prefer to store them in a standard format. For example, a lot of videos on the web are MKV, but you prefer to store them as standard WMV. Use Video Cleaner for the conversion.
  • Create video thumbnails
    Video Cleaner + Animated GIF Booster Pack is the easiest way to create small animated video thumbnails for your video oriented website.


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