Yahoo Webcam Recorder for record YaHoo webcam.
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Yahoo Webcam Recorder

is a handy tool to record Yahoo webcam video and audio of chat partner. The recordings are saved as AVI video files so you can replay them in any player (e.g. Real, Windows Media Player etc.) and at any time.

oRipa Yahoo Webcam Recorder is a handy tool to record Yahoo webcam video and audio of chat partner to your PC hard disk so you can replay it in future. Just press the record button as the Yahoo webcam is connected, and the video streams are saved as media files in your preset folder. You can play the recorded videos back at any media player and at any time you like!


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Key Features

  • Work with Yahoo Messenger 6.0 and the above versions.
  • Real time record Yahoo webcam with optional sound recording (e.g. audio from microphone)---You can record any webcam streams (e.g. the fun movies broadcasted in webcam by your chat partner as well as the video conversations, etc.)
  • Real time compress your recorded videos (DivX compatible) during recording --- use this function to get a smaller file size of your output videos so there is no need to worry your hard disk space is not enough for your video files when you record for a long time.
  • Save recorded videos into AVI format files---you can use any player (e.g. Real, Windows Media Player, etc.) you have to play the recorded video.
  • You can minimize or hide the Yahoo Messenger window while recording.---That means You can browse other web pages and no need to let your Yahoo webcam window always on the front web page.
  • Easy to use!---You just start/stop recording with a click from the icon menu. No need to know about the recording knowledge.
  • Other cool features you would prefer: adjustable FPS and frame size (for you to adjust your output video quality) and user defined save-to directory.

Recording Guide

The Yahoo Webcam Recorder is easy to use. We have done most of the settings for you. You just need to:

  • 1. Run the Yahoo Webcam Recorder as the Yahoo webcam is connected.
  • 2. Choose the directory you would like to save your video (e.g. save your video to the desktop).
  • 3. Press the record button at the bottom right of the software when you would like to start recording Yahoo webcam.
  • 4. Press the stop button at the bottom right of the software to stop recording. You will see your video is saved in your preset directory (e.g. desktop).
  • Done!
  • Read a more detail guide on using the Yahoo Webcam Recorder from the User Guide webpage.

When the Yahoo Webcam Recorder is running and the webcam is connected, the icon at the bottom right of the pc will blink. As you press the record button in the software, this icon will speed up blinking, which means the program is recording the webcam streams. The icon will slow down when you stop recording, and will disappear when the webcam is disconnected.


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