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Outlook LAN Messenger

A Standalone LAN Chat Shareware for Small, Medium and Corporate Enterprises.

Outlook LAN Messenger is an award winning LAN Instant Messaging software designed for use within Office Network and Subnet. This LAN Instant Messenger shareware is an ideal replacement for Internet Messenger in companies, that creates private and secure messaging, and improve internal communications, business productivity and relationships with colleagues inside the organization.

This LAN Instant Messaging does not require any internet connection, and it works across Ethernet port using TCP/IP protocol. As this module is built with peer to peer architecture, it requires no Server and IP configuration. Installing LAN Messaging tool is very easy, and system administrator help is not necessary. Just install the software in all the computers, and the program is ready to use. You need not add User List manually, its automatically done.


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Key Features

Typed Message

Send and Receive Message between two people using this LAN Messenger.

  • Rich Text Format Chatting gives you all controls of word processing such as font,bold,italic,underline.
  • Sealed Message Delivery: Communicate securely with a 'Seal'. Receiver has to double click the screen to read the content, therefore keeping the LAN Message out of trespasser's observation, when he is out of desk.
  • Preset Message: For quick LAN Messaging, assign predetermine message with hot keys. for ex: Press F2 to say "Good Morning"
  • Short Key to open IM Screen: Push Ctrl+Shift+D for 1 second to open Derek's Screen
  • Escape Message - Expressions like hello, hai, ok are shown in system tray, instead of Message window.
  • Use [Alt] + [Enter] to Send Message and automatically close Chat Window
  • Convert Local Path to Network path
  • Emoticons, Buzz

Group Notification & Chat

  • Notify (Meeting at 11am) to the whole Company or Specific Users.
  • Group discussion can be organized among departments or selective individuals. When a new member is included, he can view the archive of the ongoing topic. Datas could be transferred during the session.

Voice Talk

LAN Messenger enables voice conversation among two party.

Transfer File

LAN Messenger provides the easiest and fastest way to transfer data between 2 PCs.
Choose the user and click "Transfer", or simply drag and drop the file on top of recipient's name.

Offline Message

Messages and Files can be sent even to any one who are currently offline. Recipient receives the message as soon as he sign into computer.

Remote Sharing

It is actually a Windows-based Terminal Server, which uses the RDP to exchange only keystrokes and screen changes. For instant: access and edit colleague's desktop application sitting from your PC, vice versa.

Microsoft Outlook plug-in

You can plug this LAN Intra Messenger into Outlook to Exchange Emails, Contacts, Appointments.

Calendar & Remainder

Using the LAN Instant Messenger you can 1) Remind yourself & others 2) Run Exe 3) Open Website 4) Logoff, Shut down, Restart PC at specified time.

Alert Note

With LAN Messaging you may maintain important task and make them to pop-up when you boot the machine.

Free Admin Tool

Allows administer to configure OM settings in all the PC from his Computer.


Maintain log for future reference. Functions like search records, sort message by date, clear history are provided.

Extra Features

  • Pop status when user exit or sign-in
  • Outbox
  • Sound notifications
  • Password Lock to protect settings
  • Editable custom online status
  • Filter Groups and Users


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