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Chat Watch

is the most advanced tool ever to monitor instant messages on your computer.

Chat Watch logs both sides of instant messages on AOL, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. Chat Watch features parental controls, chat scheduling, a chat acronym translator, and more. Chat logs can be automatically e-mailed to you, copied to a network computer, or uploaded to a remote server. Chat Watch is password protected and can run hidden in stealth mode and accessible by a hot key. Chat Watch allows you to monitor and be in control of your child's instant messaging.

The newest version of the world's premier chat logging and monitoring software is now available! Chat Watch brings many new features and enhancements. Even more so than ever, Chat Watch is a program that no parent should be without.

Chat Watch is an instant message monitoring and logging software for today's most popular instant messengers. With Chat Watch you can log all chats on AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.

With Chat Watch you can monitor all the instant messages sent and received on your computer. You can then organize the chat logs into categories and quickly search the chat logs. The Content Monitor will e-mail you if a chat log contains possibly inappropriate words and the Acronym Translator will automatically convert obscure acronyms such as ASL into their English meaning (Age Sex Location).


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Key Features

  • Logs both sides of online chats on today's most popular instant messengers.
  • Chat logs can be searched by category, keyword, user, date, and instant messenger.
  • Plugins(Download the plugin pack) allow you to quickly and easily add support for logging other instant messengers.
    If you have a mobile device you can view the chat logs on the go with Chat Watch Mobile Edition. (Freeware Download)
  • Unwanted chat logs can be moved to the Trash before being permanently deleted.
  • Windows Vista ready.

Parental Control Features

  • The Acronym Translator quickly replaces obscure acronyms with their meanings (replace AFK with Away From Keyboard).
  • The Content Monitor quickly highlights chats that may contain offensive words and can notify you via e-mail of the chats. Parents can add custom words to the content monitor watch list.
  • The User Notification will alert the user that their instant messages are being logged.

Reporting of Log Conversations

  • Chat Watch can automatically e-mail you the chat logs and upload the chat logs to an SFTP server at scheduled times.
  • The chat logs can be saved as PDF documents for easy viewing.
  • Chat logs can be printed from within Chat Watch.


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