create/decode AC3 file, convert AC3 to stereo file, split AC3 file.
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AC3 Tools Pro

all-in-one tools for create AC3 file, decode AC3 file, convert AC3 to stereo file, split AC3 file by channels and more.

AC3 Tools Pro is the complete professional suite for AC3 files processing that enables to create AC3 files, decode AC3, and extract each channel from an AC3 file into separate files.

With AC3 Tools Pro, you can re-master AC3, translate and recompose sound-tracks to DivX/XViD movies, compose several stereo-channels WAV PCM-files into 5.1 AC3 file.

AC3 Tools Pro is a set of professional utilities that contains:
AC3 Decoder - to convert multichannel AC3 to stereo file.
AC3 Encoder - to create multichannel AC3 file.
AC3 Demuxer - to split AC3 file by channels.


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What you can do using AC3Tools Pro?

  • Need to re-master DVD or translate it to your own language?
    Now the solution is right here. The only thing you need is AC3 Tools Pro. It will split the original AC3-file to multiple one-channel WAV-files, so you can reassemble the stereo track you need and then recompose AC3-file. You can reach superior audio performance with full-bandwidth surround sound using only one tool!
  • Need to decrease AVI file size?
    Now it's easy! AC3 Tools Pro will process multi-channel AC3 sound track into two-channel file of format you prefer - MP3, WMA, WAV or Ogg Vorbis. Dolby Prologic ? Dolby Prologic II profiles let you maintain surround sound effect. Bring seamless, natural sound with depth and details!
  • Need to mix several stereo-channel WAV-files into multi-channel file?
    Using AC3 Tools Pro, you can compose them into AC3-file. Its user-friendly environment and the range of convenient settings enable you to get the results immediately!

Key Features

  • Multilingual friendly interface
    At the moment AC3 Tools Pro, is available in 3 languages. These are English, Czech and Russian.
    You can help us to translate AC3 Tools Pro to other languages. In return you will get a free registration for AC3 Tools Pro. If you are interested, please, contact us via support center.
  • A plug-in based application
    What does this mean? You can extend features without upgrading main software. You need to get output result in specific audio format that does not supported by default package? Just download one plug-in and connect in!
  • Advanced AC3 Decoder engine - Convert AC3 to stereo file
    AC-3 format file may contain up to 6 audio channels. AC3 Tools Pro combines the information from these channels into two encoded channels, which deliver to each of your ears, via conventional stereo headphones, its own unique sum of direct and reflected sound from each virtual speaker. As a result, the listening sensation is much more natural, with sounds appearing "out-of-head".
  • Mux profiles
    AC3 Tools Pro contains the main mixing profiles that have also the Prologic Dolby Prologic II profiles included. As the result the output files has two sound channels and could be spread out by hardware AV receiver to the volumetric sound.
  • Preprocess source
    AC3 Tools Pro has lots of settings that could be used to correct the process of decoding of AC3 file.
  • Preview AC3 file
    This preview option allows to choose the necessary parameters of decoding AC3 file using visual indicators and automatic settings.
  • AC3 Demuxer
    This tool helps to spread out the AC3 file to channels, using separated files - one file per one sound channel.
  • AC3 Encoder engine
    This tool allows to “building” AC3 file out of different WAV PCM files. This could be use for mastering the DVD or as a soundtrack for movies in DivX/XViD video format.

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